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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you want to be a franchisee ?

Their owners invested in a known brand in hopes of finding business success. Franchising allows bigger businesses to branch out and grow while giving entrepreneurs and small business owners a chance to run their own operations with the help and support of a larger organization with a proven formula for success.

Advantages of buying franchise concept ?

No prior industry experience is necessary, so it is good for career exploration if you’re unsure. 

Invest2Dubai.com brand awareness already exists for the business, making it easier to draw in an audience and generate profits.

You’re buying into an established brand with operations, systems, and processes in place to help you succeed.

Ample opportunity to purchase multiple franchise locations and expand your operation.

Franchisors provide hands-on support and guidance.

Lower risk than starting a business from scratch.

What are the benefits of starting Dubai Real Estate Broker Business ?

Booming Real Estate Market

Dubai’s real estate market is one of the most desirable marketplaces in the world for investors and is continually expanding. Due to Dubai’s rising real estate demand, there are several prospects for international investors.

Strategic Location

Due to its advantageous location between Europe, Asia, and Africa, Dubai serves as an important worldwide economic hub. This implies that real estate companies in Dubai have simple access to a large pool of potential clients and collaborators. 

World-Class Infrastructure

Dubai has made significant investments in the development of its transportation, communication, and utility infrastructure. Dubai is now one of the world’s most technologically sophisticated and contemporary cities as a result. The real estate sector is supported by this infrastructure, which facilitates company operations and client access to properties. 

Stable Economy

The real estate sector is heavily emphasized in Dubai’s stable and diverse economy. However, the government has taken action to guarantee that the real estate market stays stable and transparent, making Dubai an appealing location for real estate enterprises. 

What is the goal of building the Invest2Dubai.com franchise network around the world ?

The goal of I2D Real Estate L.L.C is to create an international 20 cooperating network of Invest2Dubai.com franchise branches that will support local investors interested to invest in real estate market or open business in Dubai, UAE.

How much Can I earn being an Invest2Dubai.com franchisee ?

The maximum commission by UAE law for real estate on the secondary market is 20%.

The maximum commission for off plan projects (under construction) is 7 %

The commission level participation for franchisee is 100 %.  

If you buy with your client 2 Bedrooms Apartment (Off – plan project – under construction) , 1050 Sq.ft Sq.ft, Location: Sharjah, Price: 374 404 USD

You will get paid 5 % commission equal = 18 720 USD (franchisee commission) 

If you buy with your client 2 Bedrooms Apartment (Off – plan project – under construction) , 1513 Sq.ft, Location: Dubai, City of Arabia View, Price: 539 414 USD

You will get paid 7 % commission equal = 37 758 USD (franchisee commission) 

If you buy with your client 4 Bedrooms Apartment (Off – plan project – under construction) , 4991 Sq.ft Location: Dubai, Price: 2 096 664 USD

You will get paid 3 % commission equal = 62 899 USD  (franchisee commission) 

If you buy with your client 4 Bedrooms Penthouse (Off – plan project – under construction), 4060 Sq.ft, Location: Dubai, Maritime City, Price: 3 024 646 USD

You will get paid 4 % commission equal = 120 985 USD (franchisee commission)

I am the owner of Real Estate Agency. Do I need to open separate office to run Invest2Dubai.com franchise concept ?

No, You can provide Dubai Real Estate Consultancy Services at your current location. 

Do I need to move to Dubai to run Invest2Dubai.com franchise concept ?

No, The Project not required from franchisee to move to Dubai, UAE. The key objective is to provide professional Dubai Real Estate Consultancy Services in your home country. 

What level of education do I need to join the Invest2Dubai.com franchise network ?

For Phase II a fully attested education certificate is required for a Work Permit in the UAE. We strongly encourage you to attest your education certificate as soon as possible. You will need that for direct employment with our company I2D Real Estate L.L.C. 

Attested by all 3 steps: 

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Country it was issued. 

• UAE Embassy in the Country it was issued. 

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

Can I start training without the attestation of my education certificate ?

Yes, you can start Phase I 7 days training only, before Phase II you need to submit your attestation of your education certificate.

As a broker, can I represent two parties of the transaction, i.e.; buyer and seller ?

Yes, you can represent both parties of the transaction and collect a commission from both parties.

Does the buyer have to be in Dubai in person to purchase the property ?

In the case of real estate on the primary market (off – plan projects) the buyer can sign the contract digitally and does not have to be present in person in Dubai.

In the case of properties on the secondary market, investor may provide power of attorney to third party person to formalize the purchase process if he cannot be personally present in Dubai.

Do I need to have an experience in the Dubai real estate industry ?

Dubai Real Estate experience is not essential as full training will be provided along with on-going mentoring. 

What is the period of the franchise contract with Invest2Dubai.com ?

The franchise contract is signed for 3 years.

Can I terminate my franchise contract before 3 years period?

Yes, the contract can be terminated at any time by mutual consent of the parties or by giving a unilateral 30-day notice to the franchisor.

Will I be employed directly with I2D Real Estate L.L.C ?

Yes, after completing PHASE II you will be employed directly by our company I2D Real Estate L.L.C, which allows you to obtain a 2-year renewable visa to the UAE. Once we receive your visa, we will begin the process of obtaining an Emirates ID.

Is salaries in Dubai tax-free ?

There is no federal or Emirate-level personal income tax in the United Arab Emirates.

What is the process of initial training phases in Dubai, UAE ?

PHASE I – Dubai,UAE – 7 days 

Dubai Real Estate Brokerage Training Certificate – 4 days

Dubai 5 key developers (off – plan projects) workshops  – 5 days 

Dubai Land Department tour – 1 day

Real Estate Regulatory Authority tour – 1 day

PHASE II – Dubai, UAE – 14 days

Direct employment process with I2D Real Estate L.L.C

VISA process to the UAE + government fee.

Emirates ID + government fee.

Medical insurance feeAssistance with personal bank account opening process in the UAE Bank.

Access to the Exam Real Estate Knowledge Bank (REKB)

RERA [Real Estate Regulatory Authority] Exam fee.

RERA Broker Card + government fee.


What is the objective of Real Estate Brokerage Training Certificate ?

Provide a mandatory qualification necessary to obtain a Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority Broker Licence. 

Raise the caliber of the the profession by educating on best practices and ethical standards of the real estate profession in the UAE. 

Provide a step by step guide to buying, selling and renting properties in Dubai, UAE. 

Understanding the characteristics of the Dubai real estate market

Understanding the role of real estate in the economy 

Understanding types of possession

Understanding real estate appraiser and the nature work

What are the benefits of Franchise Training ?

Franchise training is a necessity for a successful franchise that maintains all the company standards and gives customers exactly the level of product or service they expect. Quality training provides franchisees with essential skills and knowledge to ensure the growth and longevity of their businesses. 

These are just some of the benefits that franchised businesses can reap from training:

Franchise training minimizes business risks. With a well-built franchise training program, franchisees quickly learn how to run their businesses properly. This means they make fewer mistakes, avoid financial problems, and are less likely to fail. Franchise training reduces various risks, including the risk of franchisees mishandling finances, violating legal requirements, and failing to meet the brand’s quality standards.

Helps maintain brand consistency. From visual brand identity to standard operating procedures and communication with business partners, training ensures that franchisees know exactly how to build and maintain effective workflows in their units. A franchise training program becomes a playbook for a smoothly functioning business.

Reduces adaptation time. With proper training, franchisees can get their businesses up and running more quickly. They don’t have to spend as much time figuring things out on their own. They already know how the franchise system works, which means they can start serving customers, generate revenue, and become profitable sooner. 

Improves customer service. Among other things, franchise training focuses on essential CS strategies adopted by the franchisor. Employees receive training in communication skills, conflict resolution, the customer-centric approach, and more. This means that customers can expect consistent service every time they interact with the franchise, regardless of the unit or locale.

Ensures legal compliance. Training ensures that franchisees know all about the specific laws and regulations that apply to their business operations. This includes labor laws, health and safety regulations, taxation, and any industry-specific regulations. Franchise training also helps franchisees operate within the legal framework, avoiding potential legal issues or penalties and safeguarding the franchisor’s brand and reputation.

What qualifications will I get after completing Phase I & Phase II training ?

After completion PHASE I & PHASE II will be working as fully certified by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) Dubai Real Estate Broker. 

Can I complete Phase I and Phase II during one training session in Dubai ?

Yes, but you must take into account that the training may take  aprox 2.5 – 3 weeks together and you must have the attestation of your education certificate before arrival to Dubai, UAE. 

Do I need to rent an office ?

Yes, you can rent your own office or use your current office.  You can also rent  office space / desk in Regus.  

What do I need to become one of Dubai Properties' brokers ?

First you must be a licensed broker by Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) as it is the only authoritative body that issues broker licenses.
Real estate businesses must be registered with the Dubai Economic Department (DED) within the Brokers Registry. The DED grants licenses to sole-owner and multi-owned limited liability companies (LLCs) to UAE nationals and foreigners.
Application for registration in the Brokers’ Registry must include the following documents:

  • Valid trade license issued by DED.
  • A membership certificate in the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • An exact copy of the ownership certificate of the brokerage shop or its lease.
  • A certificate of good conduct for the establishment owner and senior manager(s).
  • None of the company’s directors or partners authorized to manage the company shall be the subject of a previous case of bankruptcy or breach of honor or trust.
  • Appropriate course certification or degree in real estate from educational institutions accredited by Dubai Land Department.
  • Passing the brokerage profession test.

Passing individual registrations and sole-owners, the required documents are:

  • Two passport size photographs.
  • A copy of the passport.
  • A copy of the residence visa.
  • A copy of an Emirati-issued labor card (profession must be identical to that of visa).
  • The application must be on the approved form and signed by the company sponsor.

If the application is accepted, the broker must use his broker registration number in all correspondence and reports issued by him.

What is RERA ?

Real Estate Regulatory Agency, or RERA, is the regulatory arm of the Dubai Land Department, which regulates and authorises the real estate sector in Dubai. RERA forms in Dubai ensure that all real estate transactions are transparent and fair.

Why are RERA forms important ?

No real estate transaction is complete without duly filled, valid RERA Forms. Also, these forms protect the rights of every party involved in the deal.

That concludes our guide to the important RERA forms in Dubai that buyers, sellers and tenants should know about. Are you planning on buying a home in Dubai? Find out all the costs of buying property in Dubai that you may not know about, such as fees for the transfer of the property, no-objection certificate and more.

If you’re renting an apartment or villa in Dubai, you can use the RERA rental increase calculator to check possible rent increases or average rents in your area. Tenants should also be aware of the RERA tenancy laws in Dubai if they face any hindrances in getting a rental property.

What is FORM A in Dubai Land Department ?

This is one of the important RERA forms required for selling a property. Once a seller has found the agent who wants to advertise their property, the seller and listing agent must sign RERA Form A. Clauses in RERA form A include:

• An outline of the agreement between the seller and the listing agent.

• Property details like financial information, service charges, mortgage status and payment schedules.

• Details regarding how the property will be marketed. The seller is not authorised to advertise the property on any portal without a written agreement.

What is FORM B Dubai Land Department ?

This is one of the RERA forms that must be signed when the buyer appoints an agent to find a property for sale. It’s essential to appoint a RERA-certified real estate agent who can show you the properties based on your requirements and budget.

The information in RERA Form B must include all the necessary data, such as:

• The property type the buyer is interested in

• The property’s location

• The buyer’s budget

• Requirements of the buyer

It should also include contract termination terms, compensation percentage, and agency commission.

What is FORM F Dubai Land Department ?

The RERA Form F, known as the Memorandum of Understanding, is one of Dubai’s most important real estate forms. Form F by RERA Dubai is the purchase agreement between the seller and the buyer. The form is signed once the buyer has chosen the property and a price has been decided between the two parties.

What is the most expensive project for Sale in Invest2Dubai.com portfolio ?

Como Residence – 6 bedroom, 19 683 sq.ft, Sales Price – 115 354 800 AED

What are the Top 5 projects with the most expensive sold apartments in Dubai ?

AED 420 M Project – Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab, Area MARSA AL ARAB

AED 116 M Project – Six Senses Residences The Palm – PALM JUMEIRAH

AED 114 M Project – Como Residences – PALM JUMEIRAH

AED 105 M – Project – Serenia Living – Tower 1 – PALM JUMEIRAH

AED 65 M – Project – BayView Tower 2 – DUBAI MARINA

What are the Top 5 areas with the most expensive sold villas in Dubai ?

AED 209 M – Area – Emirate Living



AED 79 M – Area – THE WORLD

AED 68 M – Area – MBR DISTRICT 1 

What are the Dubai's apartment average prices in the top 10 areas ?

597,200 AED (1,502 per sqft) – Meydan One

790,000 AED (1,192 per sqft) – Jumeirah Village Circle

770,000 AED (1,355 per sqft) – Arjan 

1,500,000 AED (2,378 per sqft) – Business Bay

1,549,500 AED (2,025 per sqft) – Jumeirah Lakes Towers

1,791,765 AED (1,976 per sqft) – Dubai Hills

2,050,828 AED (1,850 per sqft) – Sobha Heartland

2,261,388 AED (2,207 per sqft) – Dubai Creek Harbour

2,455,129 AED (2,547 per sqft) – Downtown Dubai

3,088,000 AED (3,394 per sqft) – Dubai Marina

What are the Top 5 performing areas in Dubai (Sales volume) ?

Jumeirah Village Circle

Dubai Marina

Business Bay

Jumeirah Lakes Towers

Dubai Creek Harbour

What is the estimated average annual rental & ROI for units ?

Studios: typically range from AED 28,000 to AED 35,000

One Bedrooms: typically range from AED 35,000 to AED 60,000

Shops: varies but typically range from AED 50,000 to AED 80,000

 Property owners can expect rental yields of 6% to 10% p.a. on the value of their property. The rental agents’ charges to manage the property on behalf of the owner are approx. 10% to 12% of the annual rental amount.

The above mentioned are indications and may vary depending on the location and quality of the project.

What are the 10 Arabic terms in UAE real estate that you should know about ?


One of the most common real estate terms in the UAE that you will encounter if you are renting property in Dubai is Ejari. A rental contract registration system to standardise tenancy contracts in Dubai, the Ejari is also required for setting up DEWA connections, internet and phone services, alcohol licenses and more. Check out our detailed post on the fees, registration process and more information about Ejari.


Similar to Ejari in Dubai, one of the Arabic terms in UAE real estate that you should familiarise yourself with while renting property in Abu Dhabi is Tawtheeq. A tenancy contract validation system in the capital, the Tawtheeq is required for a variety of services including electricity and water, visas and sponsorship of dependants, parking cards and more. Find out more about Tawtheeq fees and registration process in our detailed post. 


Next on our list of commonly used Arabic terms in UAE real estate is Tasdeeq, an attestation system in Ajman that validates tenancy contracts and other real estate transaction. Read our detailed post to find out the details of all the services associated with Tasdeeq in Ajman


The literal translation of this commonly used Arabic word in the UAE property market is ‘my location’. A smart navigation system, under the Makani, every building, house and public place in Dubai will be identified using a unique 10-digit code called “Makani number”,  so it’s easy to share the details of where you are. The Makani app is used extensively and even has an Emergency Location Reporting feature, so you can send out distress signals in times of any crisis. This was initially introduced in just Dubai but is now extended to properties across the UAE.


While the Arabic words in UAE real estate that we have discussed so far have been more to do with the rental properties, this is one for real estate agents in Dubai. The Trakheesi system provides approvals and licensing for real estate professionals and brokerage firms in Dubai. It’s a smart system used to issue licenses and permits, approvals for integration with property listing portals, permissions for the creation of apps and websites and so on. It is linked with the Dubai Economic Development (DED) so all data associated with real estate companies are recorded in a government-approved fashion. 


Musataha is a type of contract where individuals can lease land from owners to construct properties or even plant on them. This contract is in place to encourage people to invest and build without having to purchase the land itself. The property which is constructed is similar to those on a leasehold, with the tenure of the lease under the Musataha right not exceeding 50 years. This right is governed by the UAE Civil Code, articles 1353-1360 and each emirate has its own laws and regulations in relation to the registration of Musataha. While the Musataha is not common in free-zone areas, some free-zone authorities such as Tecom and Dubai World Central have authorised the use of Musataha rights while constructing property. This is one of the Arabic words used in the UAE property market that not many of us may come across frequently. 


Oqood, which translates to contracts in Arabic, is a real estate portal that offers developers with a set of services to manage their off-plan projects. It even allows for the registration of initial sales without having to go directly to the Dubai Land Department (DLD). The Oqood portal not only automates off-plan project management, but it also regulates and monitors the off-plan property market in Dubai and functions on the basis of a set of rules and regulations set by real estate authorities. It creates transparency in off-plan sales and increases the trust that investors have towards this type of real estate in Dubai. 


More commonly used in the Abu Dhabi real estate market, Estidama is a building design methodology to facilitate more sustainable projects in the UAE. It is a key part of the “Abu Dhabi Vision 2030” drive and is derived from the Arabic word for sustainability. It should not be confused with green building rating systems such as LEED or BREEAM. It’s more of a set of ideas that you should practise if you are constructing with the goal to also be sustainable. There is a rating system within Estidama, called the Pearl Rating System. The Estidama program is mandated in Abu Dhabi – all buildings must achieve a minimum 1 Pearl Rating, and all government-funded buildings must achieve a minimum 2 Pearl Rating.


Similar to the capital city’s Estidama, Dubai’s Al Sa’fat is an initiative to drive sustainable developments in the UAE. It has been conceptualised to make it mandatory to construct sustainable buildings in Dubai. It started off with the Dubai Municipality’s ‘Green Buildings Specifications’ which made sustainability mandatory for government buildings starting from 2011. Since March 2014 these standards have become mandatory for all new buildings. They focus on regulating the consumption of resources and promote the use of alternative sources of energy including the use of solar panels.  


The rent to own (RTO) schemes in Dubai whereby you can convert your rent payments into equity on the property and eventually become owners of the property. This is a new scheme that has been introduced and is regulated by the Dubai Land Department. 

There you have it! The 10 Arabic terms in UAE real estate that you should be familiar with. Which UAE property jargon in Arabic did you know about and what was new information to you? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to the best property blog in Dubai for more such insightful information about the country’s evolving property market.